Tue 15th Jun 2010 12:00pmQuivercast 1 - 'Have Faith' Scotland

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Welcome to the first Quivercast of 2010....... Featuring Pro surfers Mitch Corbett and Tom Butler. In this first episode the boys travelled north in search of slabs with their 'less than realiable' jetski... 'Bombard'. As with most over excited young surfers the decision was made on a whim without studying the charts and that soon came apparent as the swell didnt hit as expected. A week was spent twidelling our thumbs and crossing our fingers for a glimer of hope on the horizon and then it came...a brief window within the tides and wind where they could use the ski.... after a few practice waves however 'Bombard' decided to show that he wasnt very 'Ard' at all, and starting chocking at the sight of 8ft right handers unloading into 1-2ft of water. Fortunetly the RNLI at Scrabster are very well equiped to help with sick jetski's. We are very thankfull to them for this....
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Archived Comments
redtubeisace3390 days ago -2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
crickey gents talk about abused! u gotta hand it to the internet and i phone, they really have ruind the world...or have they, giving some people who 'want' to look the chance to find some amazing waves isnt such a bad thing, everything starts somewhere right?... i have to admit, if you really want to search the net u probably could find that wave, but personally, id rather surf my local beachie, its a little more fun and warm... i suppose its safe to say if your 'editer' was any good he probably could have taken out the windmills, having dabled on i-movie though it doesnt seem that simple. i thought it was a nice watch and did get me frothing for more, seems a shame you guys didnt get better swell, as for the rnli...thats embarrasing really. I happen to have surfed with these boys before at 'my local' and they were a really nice bunch, your more than welcome to come again if u like, i know some potential slabs locally that no one has been able to surf?? good luck to you chaps really, british surfing seems to be getting pushed constantly and its good to see a really good crew frothing to go further... hope you get swell, and a bit of positivity where ever you go...
redtubeisace3390 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
actually i just watched this again, its an epic tune!! and that jetski shot with the bushes is pretty damn good thought i was watching something a bit more than a podcast for a moment haha, i have no idea how you managed that??? but actually watching this through, the funny thing is i have never been to scotland, and if it wasnt for the 'antiforth' guy below i would have NO idea at all where this might be in scotland....prtty ironic that its actually him that gives it away hahaha
Adzo3404 days ago +6 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
The windmills in the background are a nice little ironic touch, considering the slap in the face that the guys in the flick seem to have given the environment on this trip. Nice big pick-up. Towing a trailer. With a jet-ski. The whole length of the country. For waves that are pretty lame by their standards I'm sure. Full marks chaps. Why not take a vehicle and a jet-ski each next time? If there was a single wave in the whole thing that was halfway jawdropping and got us thinking the trip was worth doing and talking about then that might have been a glimmer of salvation for you. As it is, if there was ever an advert for NOT buying Quiver kit, this is it. Epic fail.
Boydie3409 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
I will "have faith" that you English "professional" surfers stop coming to Scotland with the purpose of exploiting our secret spots for your own benefit and "fame". It seems to be all take and no give. You exploit yet another spot and there aren't even any waves worth watching in that video, its shit. We don't come to your country and pimp out your waves on the internet for all to see and work out where they are. Espescially sensitive secret spots - which is of great importance in general surfing etiquette - I thought you would have been aware of that. Scotland is no longer the desolate, uncrowded place it used to be in surfing terms.
ballbagsponge3403 days ago -5 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
the only guy that surfs that wave is an aussie. he rips and charges it no question. but he is the only one. i'm really sorry its all come out like this the video was just supposed to be a test run for what we are doing this winter. we wernt tryin to uncover secret spots or over use your rnli, (the ski broke down by the way and has since been scrapped) scotland and beyond have amazing waves and they havent even been surfed!!!! we just wanna get barrelled, that simple. if you wanna come surf with us then ur more than welcome after all the waves are all on your doorstep.
Boydie3402 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
are you inviting me to go surfing at home? thanks for that. you are misinformed and rude to assume that rick is the only guy who surfs there. and will be the only person living locally who will surf there. although we all agree he probably surfs best out there. this wave has been known about for years (and surfed, particularly by Scottish spongers and other thurso local surfers) but those who have surfed it prior to you have respected the fact that secret spots should not be publicised on the internet or by other means - and those who wish to surf this secret slab in the future no longer have the secret slab to surf. u say u just want to get barrelled? so why the laird hamilton biggin urselves up video - so u can get famous and publicise Scotland's surf spots as a consequence for your benefit? to get uz famous? may I suggest you do this somewhere else? like at your home in England - how about that cribbar wave that I'm always hearing about?
Boydie3402 days ago +3 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
oh by the way "there is only one guy who surfs there" - so that justifies exposing secret spots does it?
ballbagsponge3400 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
i really dont think u need to worry about it getting busy. it could be anywhere in scotland???? and even if people do find it, its not like everyone is gunna jump in. its a mental wave!!! every time ive been up there ive never seen anyone surf it, maybe they dont fancy the walk?? the video is just a bit of fun really, we had a sick trip even though we didnt get great waves and we wanted to get something out there that shows that we are buzzing for this winter!!! our mate is a really clued up video editor so he whipped this up for us. some people just wanna surf and there is possibilities in this life to do it for a living if you work hard and play hard, not such a bad thing to try and achieve is it? there is no directions to the wave, it doesnt let you no the small tide window, with swell directions and which wind it best works on. as far as joe public is concerned its near windmills coz of the tight water angle we got. just chill out, dnt you go travelling for waves? ur sitting on a goldmine of surf which has barely had its surface scratched and ur whining coz a slab hardly anyone surfs has been shown on a small video that hardly anyone has seen!!!! people have known about thurso for yeards and its one of the best waves in europe and you can STILL get an uncrowded surf there at most times of the year!!! i totally understand where your coming from but i think maybe you are just running with it a bit. we dont mean to be rude or disrespectful to any of the locals infact the few locals i know are fuckin legends. so sorry again for any offence we may have caused as it wasnt intentional. if you want the vid taken off here just let me know and its done.
Boydie3397 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
You have no fucking idea pal. "Don't need to worry about it getting busy" - you might have said that about the other handful of slabs this has happened to in the last few years...they are busy now. Relatively its maybe not that busy for what ur used to but we now have to share these waves with heaps of travellers turned onto these waves by these types of videos. "It could be anywhere in Scotland" - I think the caithness flagstone, coast, and windfarm narrows it down a bit. I didn't say what you are trying to achieve is a bad thing - I'm pretty sure any surfer would be chuffed to make some cash to do what they love...but its not fair that you are all constantly shitting on our doorstep for your benefits. You are trying to get famous through exposing our waves and shouting about what you are doing this winter as if your going to be something gnarly instead of just being a shit hot surfer. Scottish surfers aren't benefitting from all this exposure of our breaks...the benefit is being reaped externally...thats not fair...and I think we'd prefer 0 exposure of sensitive spots. Might be a bit different if it was local or Scottish groms getting all these benefits from charging new waves - and maybe thats not going to be the case at the present time, but theres time yet. "Don't you go travelling for waves" - No not very much, I prefer surfing good waves with just me and my pals at home to be honest, I've got to work for a living unfortunately that doesn't fly me about exploiting other countries waves. "Barely scratched the surface" - how the hell would you know? you thought that this was a newly discovered slab...we are maybe just better at keeping things hush. I know you weren't trying to be rude or disrespecful...and you are both probably fine enough folk...and its unfortunate for you two that youve had all this stick about your video and it wasn't some of your other English pro surfing colleagues...seems like you just got unfairly picked on...yes probably, but its about time somebody said something. And hey, I'm a fine enough guy, I'm not trying to attack you personally, I'll even get you a pint if your up here surfing again, but its probably worth telling all your mates who come up here with intentions of exposing our spots that its not cool and Scotland can't just be regarded as a free for all for people from other countries to come and give away secrets for their glory. So maybe re-assess what you think you are going to be doing this winter...probably best not to do it here if your intentions are similar to your first attempt. I'm not anti travelling surfers either - I actually really appreciate to see good surfing up here, as it pushes our standard of surfing too which is a good thing for Scottish surfing - but I have encountered professional travelling surfers from other countries who have came here with a lot more respect than you and many others from your neck of the woods tend to do...a lot more courtesy and thought behind what they are doing in Scotland and what the outcome of their actions will be.
yak3300 days ago Unrated Rate Positive Rate Negative
Erm, did you make a donation to the RNLI? Since you are a proffesional operation...
JOET43237 days ago -1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
you're pretty dam grumpy about these guys getting paid to do what they love, give them a break! I do think you're slightly jealous! Chin up, theres worst things in the world! :)
pimpthatbreak3412 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
dear mr ballbag, I have heard there are alot of windmills in scotland 'specially behind a certain high profile new slab. Well done for givin it away to all those who want to pimp it out out even more than the rest of the cornish "pros" already have. (with no thought to the few who surf / boog these waves already) not to mention the fact they could have surfed it almost to themselves for as long as it was quiet), and from what I hear the only reason it was paddled by you guys this time was that you ran over your ski rope twice and wasted the time of our brave, somewhat pissedoff men in the RNLI who had to rescue you at half past six in the morning two days in a row. So, in closing: if you think that this type of behaviour will portray you heroically to the general public, think that its inspirational, cool, alternative or any other favourable light I think you are sadly delusional. ps i am considering taking a photo of a certain someones mums house in newquay with a landmark washing line with panties on it, so everybody knows where to get a good ride!!
Boydie3420 days ago -1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
? Thanks?
bazza3426 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Why do people feel the need to fill up the first few mins of their surf videos with driving, local scenery and other random crap? If I wanted to see that I would log onto the national trust website! Nice waves when it gets going though!
CustomisedSport3426 days ago +4 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Is it really necessary to show land marks that give the spot away? Nice one lads. I was up there 2 weeks ago, me and 2 mates had it to ourselves. Not only do you give the spot away, but you're towing to waves that are makable without a ski. Not think you you should edit your vid and remaove the obvious landmarks
ballbagsponge3426 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
hey there. we love it up in scotland and make regular trips up there. we made sure there is nothing obvious at all in terms of land marks near the wave we surfed, so u either no the area really really well or your not sure where the wave is, either way we are sure most people who dont all ready no where the spot is wont be able to tell from this video. there are alot of false scenery as im sure u can tell. also the wave was paddled all week bud!!! it was more of a practice session on the ski really.the boys charged it. but the right on a big west swell is nearly impossble to paddle above 4 foot coz it shuts down so much. the footage of the left is nearly all paddle footage bar one wave i think. hope this answers all your worries and puts your mind at ease! we will be posting more vids soon so let us no what you think when they are up. cheers for your coments boss.
kookyslater3416 days ago +1 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
Is the spot near some windmills? with rocks and water??
Birdman823414 days ago +2 Rating Rate Positive Rate Negative
rick schooled you lot on how to paddle in out there