WATCH: The Jeremy Flores Deep Dive

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It's not often we get a deeper look at Jeremy Flores. The hot blooded Frenchman will not only storm a judges tower, but pull into big, throaty kegs at Pipeline (he's a former Pipe master) and Teahupoo (winning the comp there against Gabriel Medina in 2015).

“I just want to prove to everyone that I'm good enough to be here,” says Flores as this feature about Jeremy's illustrious career plays out. The edit is courtesy of long-time sponsors Quiksilver and offers candid insight into Jeremy's life, including some of his regrets, like getting suspended from Teahupoo after said storming of tower.

In fact, the last time Jeremy opened up like this was when we spoke with him last year at Surf Ranch (see HERE) He was cool, collected – admitting that having a kid had focussed him. That fire's still there, of course, but it's utilised in a different way, harnessing it for himself, not because he feels he has anything to prove, letting his surfing do the talking.

“Had a baby, so new daddy role,” he says in this short. “Now I got to find the right balance.” Hit play above.