WATCH: The Best Barrel Ever Surfed at Nazare?

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This is a big year for Natxo Gonzalez. The 23-year-old nailed perhaps the best barrel ever surfed at Nazare on the weekend and has just signed on with wetsuit manufacturer Xcel. To say Natxo only charges is a bit of a disservice. It's his embodiment of travelling to the furthest flung places on the globe, wrangling just about anything that comes his way (including some super fast, super heavy, secret right hand pointbreaks...) and doing it all with a smile on his face. that truly paint a picture of the Basque country warrior.

Anyway, about this insane tube, Natxo says: “ After I took off, I had to take a high line right away and when I came flying out I could not believe what just happened. I started crying on the jet ski on the way back out, it was a really emotional moment. There’s so much pressure, so much adrenaline.”

Watch a different angle, below.

Cover shot by Jon Aspuru