WATCH: Nic Von Rupp's Indo Paradise

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When it comes to hunting heavy slabs, there's no one on the planet that does it like Nic Von Rupp. The buoys will start to blip anywhere in the world and when they do, Nic's On It. A few weeks back, the Portuguese charger hopped a flight (and then some) over to Desert Point for a few days of left hand freight trains.

“I chased this good looking swell and scored  four days of the true Indo dream,” said Nic. “I love Indo, for me it’s a great easy place to go from Europe for a few summer swells. It’s the opposite to our heavy cold slabs in Europe, which makes it a perfect get away trip.”

Nic's not wrong. As much as cold water gets our blood pumping, it's sometimes good to ditch the full rubber suits for something a little more comfortable. Also, how's the last wave and drone shot in this? Superb.