WATCH: Has The Record Just Been Broken for Biggest Wave Ever Surfed?

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For the past two days, Nazare has been jacking up to the XXL realms, and during yesterday's session, we saw some of the largest waves surfed out there in years.

But have we just seen the world record broken for the biggest wave ever surfed? During the chaos, Andrew Cotton and Lucas Chumbo surfed back-to-back monsters. Cotty's a right on a tee-peeing, classic Nazare mountain. While Chumbo's, on the wave behind, a left, skipping away from the headland as this thing grew. Time to cast your votes, and let's examine the footage.

Live cam: Nazare

Cotty's effort.

Do you think either are bigger than Rodrigo Koxa's 2017 behemoth? Koxa's is more of a mound, more tee-pee, we think and when that wave emerged, we speculated then it was the biggest ever surfed.

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Nazare is always going to be the place where surfers attempt to break the record. Hucking into a mountain of shifting 70 foot plus Nazare is a little different than a perfect XXL tube at Jaws. Both technically impressive, both jaw dropping, but not similar in the slightest.

Koxa's - the biggest wave ever surfed.

How about a world record wildcard? The flurry from Cotty and Chumbo is impressive, but how about Scooby's below, as well? Could this be in with a shot? Be the jury in the comments below. And as more footage rolls in, we may have more rides to add here. Stay tuned.

Predro Scooby - a wildcard, or taller than the above?