WATCH: Every Day Surfers Test New Fourth Surfboards Range

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Ya know, this is a great idea. Sure, we can watch the likes of Kelly Slater sing about his new tech-packed board, watch the champ shred any type of wave on it, in fact, we're certain you could put a barn door under the feet of Mr Slater and he'd still put it to good use.

So it's refreshing then when edits like these drop from UK-based Fourth Surfboards, promoing their new range but featuring average surfers in, well, average conditions. The edit's cut like this, there's a section with one of the brand's team riders, such as Angus Scotney, who's dialling in a new whip, followed by one of the Fourth Surfboards staffers, to provide a more realistic feel for those who haven't tasted the kiss of competitive surfing.

And oh, if you want a more in depth look at all Fourth is offering this year, swing be HERE.

The every man surfs The Weekend Rockstar

“All surfboard marketing is predominately the same,” says Fourth's Ben Jones. “A pro surfer shredding in pumping to very good waves. But how does that relate to the 'average' surfer hitting Fistral on a 2ft, weak onshore day? It doesn't.

“Seeing Dane, Mick, Jordy or Julian promoting the new model by their various board sponsor is great to watch but that has no bearing on how you or I will surf that board. Then you head to the brand's website, read the review. Look at the concaves, rockers, read the shapers notes and by this points your so lost you don't know what you're looking for anymore. 

“We found ourselves culprits of this same marketing. Albeit without a CT rider on the deck of our new shape flying into a full rotation air, but the principle is the same. So we looked at how we would want to be sold a surfboard, what we wanted to know, what we wanted to see as we are in essence our customer. Non-pro surfers, who love surfing and surfboards. We want to ride a board that allows us to surf our best in a range of conditions. 

“This is where the every surfer series was born, we wanted to show our boards, surfed by non pro's as well as our team in a range of conditions, that were relatable to the majority of our customers. We started filming and soon realised that bagging clips when you an average surfer ain't that easy. I found a new level of respect for our team riders who bag multiple clips in a one hour free surf. I think me and Luke took around 4-6 hours of surfing to get three to four clips [laughs].

And the every man gives the new Fivenine a spin.

“Watching yourself surf is also the worst thing in the world. What you think is huge fins out, tail blow turns out to be a turn nowhere near the lip that sends no spray and looks about as good as someone wearing socks and sandals. But we persevered and got there in the end.

“It's actually great for improving your surfing it really makes you think more about how your surf, what part of the wave you are doing turns on. Not that's it helped us much...

“Our surfing isn't going to blow minds, we might just be better than some and a lot worse than others but we wanted to give our customers that knowledge and reassurance that actually what we write in our shapers notes and say in our other videos isn't just marketing bumf. It comes from us, customers, team riders, friends, colleagues and random guys in the pub who after 8 beers leave us a voicemail telling us they had the best surf of their life on a 6'4 Doofer because they did 3 turns on one wave. That's epic for us, it makes the job worthwhile. 

“Watching us, other local surfers and team in UK waves will give people a better idea of our how our boards work in conditions they can relate to. Which means they can make a more informed decision when buying a board. 

A lil' recap on the 2018 Fourth Surfboards range.

“We wanted our customers to see that we design our boards with them in mind and test those boards ourselves as well as with our team. We hope that the every surfer reviews would get across that as a brand we aren't just pushing out new models for the sake of it. That each board is in our range for a reason. 

“We will be featuring all the models in the new range using various surfers over the course of the coming months.”

Like the look? You can shop by going HERE. Or, if you're Cornwall-bound, swing on in to Fourth HQ and pick up a demo board to try out.