WATCH: End of the Land, Cornwall's Loggable Beachies and a Love of Home Starring Mike Lay

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Deep in the UK's western tip is a whole other world of waves. You see, around those parts there's a peninsula that can provide options on a south coast, north, east, west, it is almost a 360 degree swell magnet. And long may it reign.

Perhaps someone who knows that best is Mike Lay, local lad, who knows his way around treading over foam, cross-stepping his way to the business end of a longboard or chucking himself under a thick Cornish lip. “I rarely go north of Penzance,” he says as part of the next feature from the good folk at Surfdome and Reef, called End of the Land, a series that's all about encapsulating Cornwall's fine setups. (See Seb Smart in similar vein, HERE)

Forecast: Cornwall

About surfing at Mike's local? “The banks change a lot, drastically,” he says. “A perfect wind and swell combo can be obliterated by the sandbanks, but when the banks gather, we can get some really enjoyable surf.. My favourite wave is anywhere not crowded, probably the closest beach to me when it’s onshore, early in the morning.”

Credits: images by @Matt Snelling, Seth Hughes film by Sam Breeze. Follow Mike, here.