WATCH: Chaos Waves, Surfing Dolphins; This Can Only Be West Oz

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We love winter in West Oz. In fact, we're sure you're going to love winter in West Oz too, especially as it is depicted in this new 15-minute ripper of a movie called Staggered Lines, from the lens of Alasdair Evans (yeah, the same guy who filmed this viral clip).

Anyway there's a dearth of longer cut and actually worthwhile surfing flicks on the interwebs – and when one finally pops along that makes those 15 mins feel like nothing at all, that's notable. This cut is a running commentary on a) how damn good west Oz has been and b) a showcase of the greatest winter waves from those prominent sessions. Oh and there's surfing dolphins. Because everyone loves surfing dolphins (hence, viral video as above...)

“West Australia is a special time of the year,” says Alasdair. “The Roaring Forties come alive and large storm fronts brew off the southern tip of Africa before making their way east across the Indian Ocean. This mammoth body of water encourages the formation of beautifully groomed lines, and if you know where to meet them on the coast, you’ll be sure to score. 

“The raw WA coastline has its own unique way of welcoming the swell - there are spots that get so angry that only the most hardy of surfers even contemplate the challenge. When the solid swells hit, the camera is my choice, with my board staying firmly put in the back of the car.

“The last section of the film shows the full extent of power in the Indian Ocean at a spot that I’ve watched break for the past four years, but have only ever seen Kerby Brown and Liam Carter run the gauntlet. I love filming these sessions and getting to experience the intensity of the waves, even from back behind the lens. The fact these sessions are so rare makes the experience even more memorable when it does come around.

“Western Australia rewards those who brave the lengthy journeys, those who spend hours upon hours making their way to its most remote spots. Despite all its challenges, desert living becomes so simple with connections lost to the outside world. 

“The wind and the sun are relentless, as are the long days of exposure. But speak to any surfer that has made the pilgrimage to where the desert meets the sea and they’ll tell you it was worth it for the good times and great waves. 

“Western Australia has given me countless experiences that I would have only once dreamt of, and for that, I am now lucky enough to call this place home. Through my film making, I want to show people from all corners of the world what WA is truly like, and let them watch what I’m fortunate enough to see. For me ‘West is Best.'”

Hit play above, enjoy.