WATCH: 16-Year-Old Ben Larg is The Brusco's Charger of the Month

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Now, here's a name you might know by now. Ben Larg, 16-years-old from Scotland, has been grafting recently - sending it at the likes of Nazare, Cave and more, all while under the wing of everyone's favourite barrel aficionado in Nic Von Rupp. To honour Ben's charging, Nic prepped a pack of goodies from his company The Brusco, because who doesn't like free stuff? You can read a full interview with Mr Larg, about his first time surfing Nazare, HERE.

"I’ve always wanted to surf Nazare it was a goal of mine, after Nic came to Scotland, he Invited me out to stay with him in Portugal to go and surf there, so I hopped on a plane and headed out," said Ben. "To be honest, I was actually super calm leading up to it, I have a good mindset for surfing big waves, I think.

"But when we where out there and about to catch my first waves, I was definitely a bit nervous."

And about his first wave at Nazare? "I think my first one was a right that I got towed into. I was told the rights were a bit more dangerous but I felt more comfortable on my forehand for the first wave, when I got on it it felt like going down a mountain it was pretty cool, really quick and the chop was massive, but I managed to ride out of it which was good." Hit play above for a run down of Ben's commitment.