Two Days of Spectacular Snapper and Kirra


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It's been days of swell for the east coast of Oz. And while we're still going through the droves of images that have been bursting out of our inbox, here's one of the sessions that really sticks out. A few days ago, Kirra and Snapper put on a show. And while we invite you to gawk at the likes of Mexico and, soon, Teahupoo – this really is worthy of thumbing through some incredible imagery.

Mick Fanning, Joel Parko and more feature throughout here. “I thought about going looking, but when it’s like that, it’s hard not to stay at Kirra,” chimed in Kerrzy about this session.

Forecast: Snapper

“Boys got a lot of good ones,” he added. “Mitch Parko, Korbin Hutchins, Nick Vasa, he always gets a few. There was a lot of burnings going on. I always get amused watching Occy burn people, it’s not unusual, but one I saw, the guy took off and came around him from behind, and Occy was like ‘Off! Now!!’ Cracked me up.”



Training his lens for all you see throughout is lensman Andrew Shield, who started Sunday off by heading to Snapper. “There was a lot of rain, every day, and onshores. The swell was building, but it was soft, all over the place. It looked like the kind of swells you get in summer.

“Then the wind went offshore, everywhere.”

“There was a lot of guys surfing behind the rock. A lot of goofyfooters for some reason. But it was still not quite there — still some bump left over.

Taj Watson.

Taj Watson.

“I went out to Kirra around lunchtime on the ski and suddenly it was bigger — it’d just jacked. At that point, everyone began focusing on Kirra. It was super straight. Sets were so regular and there were a LOT of waves in a set. Just slow enough to be makeable.”

Stay tuned for much more from this incredible run from Aus.

Sheldon Simkus.

Sheldon Simkus.

All images from Andrew Shield