Sounds of Colossal Nazare Used in New Song

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Here's something a little different. Quiksilver has teamed up with electro producer Molecule to create music that emphasises the power and energy of macking Nazare in new documentary Sounds of Surfing, which is due to drop on January 17.

Molecule joined the crew at Nazare, recording sounds of wipeouts, vests inflating, the waves thundering overhead and the result if remarkable.

Offering advice to the producer was big wave slayer Othmane Choufani. He told MSW: “When I was told me about electronic music and big wave surfing, I was keen right away.

"It’s something that I love so I said yes without really knowing much about it, then I got to Nazare and Molécule was just putting microphones in to record sounds everywhere, boards, airlift vests, under my hoodie...

“The first day I got a big wipeout and it ended up being in a song, felt really really weird to hear a pounding.

"But it was crazy because while surfing big waves, the sound is always something that is important and unique. It’s nuts to see how he adapted the emotions we feel surfing big Nazare to an electronic track.”

Cover image by @goledzinowski