Nate Behl's Indo Insanity

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Nate Behl's 2019 sure was a wide mix of emotions – culminating with an insane few days at Desert Point recently.

For the rest of us, Indo's a pretty off the cards locale right now, but Nate managed to work his way over there hucking into one of the best waves we've seen at Deserts in, well, forever.

“After last year turned into kind of a shocker year towards the start of my planned stint to Indo I tore my MCL in June right before the best run of swell of the year,” he said about 2019.
“I went home and got it repaired, flew to Namibia in August and was on the plane that got turned around during the swell of the year due to the airport not letting us land because of wether and radar complications.

“Then flew back to indo in Sept, got stuck in a typhoon in Japan on the way over for two days. Ended up that I missed the swell and then another swell popped up. Then I got a massive infection before the second swell, and then flew back home. Still thankful and happy to have been able to travel, and managed to throw this together of some clips from the trips.”
And this year? “Our friend that lives over here [Indo] most of the year helped us get a visa, and we were super lucky to be able to squeeze into the country.” See more from his travels by hitting play above.