Matt Bromley Was Born to Hunt Slabs

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South Africa's Matt Bromley was born to hunt and surf big waves. And that's not just a throwaway statement. Over the years, Matt's made it his purpose to seek out slabs, to huck into anything that swings his way.

There's not a heaving locale on the planet that Matt's presence hasn't touched. Mully. Jaws, Nias – Matt's slayed them all. And now, his life and inspirations have been captured in a new film (above) including those trademark heavy water locations and interviews with those who know the hellman best.

Spot guide: Sumatra and Mentawais

“In 2018 the Rebel Sessions comp didn't run”, Matt says about the independent Dungeons comp – only suited for the hardest chargers. “So we decided to do two short films on me.

Global Slab Hunter is the first which gives deeper insight into life as a travelling swell chaser. Perspectives from my dad, world renowned photog, Alan van Gysen, local charger and ski partner, Dougal Paterson, and a few of the hard charging locals, give  really cool words on the emotions and opinions behind my life threatening travels.

“I’m super stoked on these films to follow up behind Risky Business and Risky Ripples as they give a deeper insight into who I am as a person, my foundation to big wave surfing and my future as a global slab hunter.

Forecast: Mullaghmore

“I definitely do identify myself as a slab hunter or maybe more so as a deep water slab hunter. My ultimate waves are those slabs that require a slightly bigger board to paddle down the face on. Places like Mullaghmore, Dungeons, Nias outer Bombie are the kind of waves which pull on my heart strings.”

And as an added bonus, here's Matt's excellent Risky Business movie in full. Enjoy.