GALLERY: 'Best Swell in Years' for the Netherlands

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We all want to go surfing right now, but the majority of us can't and rightly so, while we all band together, support our healthcare systems and try to overcome the global pandemic of COVID-19.

But there are some countries who aren't under stringent lockdown. And there's something comforting about seeing our international brethren sensibly enjoying waves. While the majority of Europe is shut down – and bracing for even more stringent measures that could last for months, over in Holland, things are a little bit different.

Forecast: Netherlands

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You see the country's under an 'intelligent lockdown' schools, restaurants, bars, sport clubs are all closed, work from home when you can, and keep 1.5 metre distance when you go outside. Yeah, they're allowed out in the Netherlands and the government recognises those who are most active, need to continue to be so, but sensibly.

And, this weekend, the North Sea switched on for the Dutch enthusiasts. Was it windy? Sure, rippled with a strong current but the conditions were extraordinary, perhaps the likes of what you'd see every few years in the south of the country.

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Eventually, the wind died. A soft gust across sand dunes that groomed the waves out. “After a good feed, short sleep and another drive down south, the conditions were totally turned around,” says local Sophie Steevensz. “Very different then the day before. After a long session of enjoyment, we realise now more than ever, we need to be very thankful for every session we are still allowed to have.

“The surf brings fun and positive vibes trough these worrying times. We hope everyone is safe and that we soon see each other in warmer waters again.”

© 2020 - Robin Bakker

© 2020 - Robin Bakker

© 2020 - Robin Bakker

Cover shot: Jonathan Colina