WATCH: The Jaws Edit We Know You've Been Waiting For

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This has been a while in making -- and we thank you for your patience. But when a swell like this rumbles Jaws, it takes time to pull things together. You'll recall, a colossal XXL swell rifled into Hawaii a few weeks back, you can relive the action in our feature, The Jaws Gallery You've All Been Waiting For. Now that we're reacquainted, we've nailed down 10 minutes of the best rides, wipeouts and some exclusive behind the scenes footage from one of the day of days at big wave surfing's favourite amphitheatre.

You'll also remember from this session that Justine Dupont absolutely sent it on one of the craziest barrels we've seen out there.

Forecast: Jaws

"This was an all out adventure from pre-dawn til' dusk, it was one of the greatest days we have ever spent down on the ledge at Pe'ahi," said the Maui Cartel, who filmed this exclusively for MSW. "Sets of force detonated five yards below our feet and just shook the mountain, pulverising rocks, sending spray in all directions. Whitewater surrounded the shoreline for hundreds of yards, and the current was horrendous. This was an XXL swell, pounding the shoreline and washing clear through the rivermouth and into the valley.

"Extremely beautiful chaos, all day long. Pe'ahi showed so many faces to us, rainbow dragon’s breath blowing plumes off the backs of waves everywhere. Growing, bigger and bigger. Then the best of the best in the world descended upon Maui once again and paddled, windsurfed, kited and towed into history. Take a look through our lenses. These Pe'ahi stories are the way we saw it."

And as for the score to this edit? "We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with an artist we have admired and always thought we could do something cool with from the first time we heard him at Charley’s. I asked for something that went from acoustic to Hendrix, and tossed out a Jane’s Addiction song for reference (Ocean Size) for a loose direction we were going towards. Holy FN chaos right? I get chills hearing his original track with this footage. Completely conceived, played all the instruments, vocals and lyrics, recorded, engineered and emailed by one incredible artist, last week, for this edit. Power house creative mofo. Welcome to the Cartel @ParticleKid."

Filmed, Edit, Produced: Maui Media Cartel
Photos: Adam Carbajal
Addtional Film: Randy Sarrow, Justine Dupont, Instagram