US East Coast Get Ready, Hurricane Florence is Coming


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The east coast of the US is on high alert as Hurricane Florence, a major Category 4 hurricane with the potential to cause catastrophic destruction, is hurtling towards shore. And while Hurricanes are a danger, it is also time to celebrate a rifling swell.

On a more serious note, Florence is currently around 600 miles southeast of Cape Fear with sustained winds of 140mph and is likely to hit the Carolinas on Friday. Florence is a serious, life-threatening situation and residents of the south east coast are advised to take necessary precautions.

Florence Ripping into the coast.

Florence Ripping into the coast.

MSW forecaster, Tony Butt said: “The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season has started a bit late but now, around mid-September, is well under way, with several other systems stacked up behind Florence too.

“It is always difficult to predict the trajectory of tropical storms, but the last few forecast updates seem to have all agreed that Florence is about to cause havoc along mid Atlantic coast of the US.

Florence's trajectory.

Florence's trajectory.

“As of 02.00am Wednesday local time, Florence was a Category four hurricane situated around 600 off the coast, steaming in a WNW direction at 17 mph, with sustained winds of 140 mph. That means it will probably make landfall sometime late tomorrow or early Friday, and but it will start seriously affecting the coast early tomorrow.

“Expect hurricane-force winds, wave heights in excess of 20 feet, extremely heavy rain and severe coastal flooding, particularly on the northern side of the system where winds will be onshore. Warnings are in force for North and South Carolina and Virginia, with large wave heights already hitting Bermuda as the system passes by.”

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