About West Ceara

The powerful waves discovered in Fernando do Noronha, shows that Brazil also relies on a significant supply of North Atlantic winter swells, allowing a separate surf season on this north-facing coast. Centred around Natal and Fortaleza, this area also boasts the 'pororoca' on the river Amazon, regarded as the best tidal bore waves in the world. One of the most interesting aspects of the Ceara coast is its regularity, only broken by calm bays and narrow rivermouths. At the seashore, long sand dunes, coconut palms and shrubs litter the landscape. Fortaleza is known for having the wildest Monday nights in the world at the bars and restaurants of Praia Iracema, after spotting dolphins and watching the sunset from Ponte dos Ingleses. Further NW is Paracuru, a proper surf town with four main righthand pointbreaks that fire from November to February. Jericoacoara, aka Jeri, 300kms (180mi) west of Fortaleza is an established stop for the travelling surfing community, and remember Malhada beach has good waves as well!


  • Two sources of swell

  • Quality hollow waves

  • Punchy beachies & right points

  • Easy access, Fortaleza facilities

  • Superb beaches


  • Mostly blown-out in summer

  • Lack of size

  • Intense heat

  • Crowds and pollution

  • Big tidal variation

Surf Spots