About Teneriffa

Tenerife is the biggest and most populated island in the chain, towered over by the snow-capped Pico de Teide (3718m) and countless coastal high-rise tourist developments. The two main surf zones couldn't be further apart: Bajamar in the northeast is home to some solid reefs in N swells and S winds plus the reliable beachbreak at Almáciga, while way down on the southern tip lie the waves of the overdeveloped Playa de las Americas resort. This area is crowded both on land and in the water and localism is rife at the famous La Izquierda reef, but other options in the immediate vicinity spread the crowd and keep the travellers wet. The NW swell window is narrow but the NE wind is almost dead offshore so clean conditions are commonplace. There are more spots to search for on the south-facing coast especially in summer SE-SW wind swells. The east coast is largely poor to average beachbreak but it gets a lot better way up north at Igueste de San Andres.
The best north coast spots and the Playa de las Americas reefs prefer NW swells so it makes sense to go in winter when these swells are prevalent. There are fewer breaks that work on NE swells/winds but both the north and south coasts have some beaches perfect for peaky summer windswells.

Surf Spots