Taranaki Surfing

About Taranaki

New Zealand plunges far into the Southern Ocean and feels the full force of the Roaring Forties swells that march out of the deep. The North Island of the country is an easy place to visit, receives some classic waves and yet it is still relatively untapped by travelling surfers. Closer to the capitol Auckland, is New Zealand's most famous wave; the super long, perfect left point of Raglan. Another 5hr south is the Taranaki area and the host of waves that fan around the base of Mt Egmont from Waitara in the north to Hawera in the south. This area gets the most swell and has the greatest concentration of quality spots on the North Island. There are a few surfers around who like to protect their secret spots, but there is a lot of breaks and plenty of scope for exploration.


  • Variety of conditions

  • Consistent big swells

  • Quality uncrowded spots

  • Snowy volcanic scenery


  • Cold and wet climate

  • Windy conditions

  • Cold water

Surf Spots