Southwest Panama Surfing

About Southwest Panama

Panama joins Central America to continental South America via a thin isthmus of land blanketed in wild jungle and marshlands. It is severed by the amazing engineering feat that is the Panama Canal, which leads from the surf drenched Pacific coast to the great potential of the Caribbean coast. Panama feels like an uncrowded version of its neighbour, Costa Rica, plus there's the added bonus of offshore islands to explore. It's slightly less exposed to the North Pacific swells than Costa Rica but Panama does have a good window for W and S swells along with calm wind patterns. Although the country is not as safe for the travelling surfer as Costa Rica, there is an untapped selection of point breaks and the option of driving from coast to coast within 2 hours. The known spots in the Caribbean are around Colon or Bocas del Toro, with the western part of the country offering the best orientation for Carib swells.

Surf Spots