South West Sri Lanka Surfing

About South West Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a teardrop shaped island below India, is the highest latitude, reliable surf destination in the Indian Ocean. The S coast is open to the same regular, long distance SW swells, that pepper Indonesia. Arugam Bay, on Sri Lanka's E coast, Arugam Bay was a very popular port of call for surfers travelling across Asia in the '70s, but trips here came to a halt in 1983 with the outbreak of civil war between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan government. Surfers forced to look elsewhere for waves didn't take long to discover the Hikkaduwa reefs.


  • Quality mellow waves

  • Offshore NE monsoon

  • Buddhist mecca

  • Cheap


  • Conflicting wind and swell patterns

  • Small waves

  • No world class spots

  • Sewage and localism

  • Civil unrest

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