South-West Australia Surfing

About South-West Australia

Surfing has become synonymous with Australia, especially on the East Coast where the large surfing population are exposed to numerous contests held in generally small surf and constantly canvassed by the industry and mainstream media. This is not the case in Western Australia, where a few contests are held in generally huge surf, and the media circus rarely shows its face. The Margaret River area of W.A. is perceived as Australia's most consistent and challenging big wave forum, where pretensions and pretenders are quickly washed away. Whilst the NW conceals Indo-like lefts, the area S of Cape Naturaliste is littered with rocky ledges and point breaks, that get battered by giant Roaring Forties swells. The scenic Caves Road skirts the coastline, meandering through forests, gentle hills and around vineyards that overlook the sea where dozens of world class spots are ridden by a truly hard core crew.


  • Massive swell exposure

  • World class reefs

  • Lots of power

  • Dramatic coastline


  • Cold and wet winters

  • Isolated, dangerous reefs

  • Windy

  • 4WD access

Surf Spots