About SAL

The Cape Verde islands are the southernmost group in the boomerang shaped archipelago of Macaronesia. Made up of 10 major islands, the Cape Verde's were used as a stopping off point for the slave ships heading over to the Americas, and descendants of these slaves have mixed with the Portuguese settlers. Previously known as Lhana, Sal is the flattest island and the main tourist entry point because it is home to the worlds longest airstrip (4.2km/2.6mi), which is enough tarmac for the Space Shuttle to land!
The surf potential was first discovered in the late '80s, by windsurfers in Santa Maria on Sal. With dominant NE trades and consistent NW swells, the west facing lava reefs hold swells up to 8ft.


  • No crowds

  • Shapely reef waves

  • Further exploration possibilities

  • Windsurfing heaven

  • Guaranteed sunshine


  • Inconsistent swells

  • Open to the wind

  • Flat desert landscape

  • Fairly expensive

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