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Peru, South America's third largest country, is one of the great surf countries in the world. Curiously, its lengthy, 2400km (1500mi) coastline has only been explored in patches, and many waves still go unridden. Most surfers focus on the endless left points of Chicama or Pacasmayo in the La Libertad area, or else the high density of spots around Lima and Punta Hermosa. Those seeking consistency and big waves should seriously consider heading south to Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna, the country's southernmost regions, where all that is needed is a spirit of adventure, a good wetsuit and ideally a 4WD. It's a varied, dusty terrain, where the rocky desert is gouged by torrential coastal rivers into valleys, gorges and canyons. With the Pan Am highway veering away from the sea, access to the breaks requires patience, but this southernmost part of Peru is super consistent during winter S swells from the Antarctic's lows.


  • Good consistency

  • Variety of breaks

  • No crowd

  • Very friendly people

  • No rain all year


  • Cold water

  • Remote area

  • 4WD required

  • Bad winter weather

  • Pollution from Ilo copper smelter

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