About Puerto Limón

Costa Rica is a member of that privileged club which receives swell from two very different suppliers on its schizoid coastline. The Pacific Ocean delivers year round long distance swells from both the north and south, producing the perfect small to medium, west coast waves that Costa Rica is famed for. Not so well known is the fact that the Caribbean side receives fairly big and wild waves from short lived, seasonal storms, mainly centred off Colombia. It's truly amazing how much power is contained in the short fetch Caribbean swells, which break in the 2-12ft range. It is possible to cross from Puntarenas on the west coast to Puerto Limon in 5-6hrs, meaning both coasts can be surfed in the same day. The Caribbean coastline is short (212km/133mi), the majority being within the Tortuguero National Park, a long sandy line backed by huge waterways with countless beachbreaks and potential rivermouths but with no access and brimming with sealife.


  • Consistent, seasonal swell

  • Powerful reefbreaks

  • Insignificant tidal range

  • Laid back Carribean style


  • Flat between seasons

  • Lack of good beachbreaks

  • Extremely wet

  • Petty crime

Surf Spots