Northern Ecuador Surfing

About Northern Ecuador

Ecuador has long been popular with surfers looking for a warm water fix after enduring the cold Humboldt Current that pervades along the South American pacific coast. Travelers concentrated on the MontaƱita area in the south but rumours of a perfect left set-up in Mompiche have attracted the more adventurous to the 'green province' of Esmeraldas. The northernmost coastal province enjoys lush vegetation, from tropical rainforest to mangroves while estuaries cut the land into remote territories only accessible by boat. Esmeraldas itself is best avoided as its reputation stands as one of the most dangerous cities around, with only a murky, mushy beachbreak for desperadoes.


  • N & S swell exposure

  • Exploration potential

  • Less crowds than S Ecuador

  • Beautiful natural area

  • Cheap lodging and transport


  • Short N swell season

  • Flat spells

  • Hard to reach Mompiche

  • Rainy surf season

  • Security issues

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