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24th November 2006

New Stormrider Continent Guide

Low Pressure have just released the new version of their iconic 'Stormrider Guide to Europe'. Long considered the travelling surfers bible and 15 years in print the new 4th edition updates and improves the tried and tested format. Split into two managable books this first half covers continental Europe (you'll need to wait until Spring for the 'Atlantic Islands' version which includes the UK, Ireland, Canaries, Azores and Scandinavia).

£19.99 - Order Now

The Stormrider Guide Europe - The Continent fills in some gaps while continuing to acknowledge that some spots are best left for local surfers and instead fills over twice as many pages as the old book with a wealth of new spots in the Mediterranean, better photos and much improved maps along with even more crucial information on the regions.

If you want to travel light on your next surf trip, check out the new downloadable eBooks for each European chapter or for the rest of the world. Check out the best Europe has to offer - we really do recommend the book...

Submitted By The Magicseaweed.com Team on the 24th November 2006.
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