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About New Jersey - Monmouth County

New Jersey, the most densely populated state of the USA, got its name from the largest of the English Channel Islands, Jersey. Inhabited by Native Americans for more than 2,800 years, the first European settlements in the area were established by the Swedes and Dutch in the early 1600s. No one spotted the surf potential until 1912 and the visit of Duke Kahanamoku, which marks the debut of surfing on the East Coast. With 127 miles of coastline and a myriad of jetties, NJ boasts the most powerful, challenging beachbreaks on the East Coast. Long, straight barrier islands, punctuated by frequent inlets or jetties, are home to one of the largest East Coast surfing populations. While Jersey has plenty of wave potential, it is also home to 108 toxic waste dumps and it's one of the few states in the USA where you have to pay for the privilege of using the beach in the summer - about $6 a day!


  • Good winter consistency

  • Winter morning offshores

  • Heaps of breaks

  • Some powerful waves

  • Proximity to NYC


  • Beachbreak only

  • Rippy when big

  • Beach tags in summer

  • Pollution

  • ?Bennies? summer invasion

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