About Lissabon

Travelling surfers tend to skip the Lisbon surf zone when faced with the big city hassles of crowded waves, polluted waters, expensive living and traffic nightmares but don't realise what they are missing out on. Lisbon is one of those rare gems; a cultural mishmash of art, history, peoples and lifestyles that just happens to sit smack in the middle of a classic wave zone. It really doesn't matter whether it's two foot or twenty, somewhere in the Lisbon area will have a wave worth riding. The west coast and the Costa Caparica offers consistent beach breaks and, if you know where to look, even a bit of peace and quiet. The Estoril coast offers shelter from booming NW swells and winds, on some reefs, points and beaches that can get epic.
Lisbon is a superb year round surf zone, the winters stay delightfully mild and the summers never get too hot. Wave wise it sucks up swells from the south right around to the northwest.


  • Large swell window

  • Very consistent swells

  • Variety of breaks

  • Easy city access


  • Urban crowds

  • No epic pointbreaks

  • Cool water year round

  • Some localism and rip-offs Some localism and rip-offs

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