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With the exception of Boiler Bay to the south, Lincoln City is all beachbreak, thus only really rideable when it's small and clean. Summertime is good for the area, but that's about it. The long beach at the end of NW 15th Street has a rock shelf, but it's basically all sandbars that can get hollow. Other surf spots include Road's End and the Salmon Rivermouth, north of town, which gets epic but is laborious to reach. Just above tiny Depoe Bay is Boiler Bay, one of the more frequently surfed breaks despite its gnarly rock factor. It's a righthand tube that grinds along the perimeter of a wide, flat shelf with truckloads of rocks and currents -- an easy place to hurt yourself. There are lots of gnarly reefs and rocks way outside, so wear a leash.

Source: Lincoln City Surf Guide

Ability Level

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Local Vibe


Welcoming Intimidating

Some stink-eye and aggressiveness may occur at Boiler Bay, but that's about it. Stay cool.

Crowd Factor


Mellow Heavy

Boiler Bay gets clogged with shortboarders, so take heed if it's looking surly out there. Otherwise, you'll generally have the pick of the litter at the other spots.

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Kinda fun.

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Additional Information


A surfer was recently attacked by a white shark at Gleneden Beach, down the road a bit, and another guy was bit at Neskowin, a few miles north.


NW15th Street: Exit Highway 101 where the street signs say so. Boiler Bay: In Depoe Bay, exit into the paved wayside parking area. The goat trail down to the surf leads around behind the guard rail at the entrance.

Bring Your

Shortboard, funboard, longboard, fish


Sand and rock (at Boiler Bay).

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Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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