About Jamaika

Being the third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica stands out on the map, but it is relatively obscure in terms of Caribbean surf destinations. Famous for Bob Marley, reggae music and Rastafarian culture, its natural bounty includes 120 rivers, 150mi (240km) of beaches and 6 mountain ranges, where the tallest peak reaches 7,402ft (2256m) in the Blue Mountains. Despite its size, only the eastern tip receives a decent amount of windswell worth exploring, with options for both north and south coasts. The north coast boasts some bigger NE swells, white-sand beaches and quality rivermouths favouring rights, but it is often onshore. The south shores enjoy better consistency and some good lefts, often brushed by NE offshores, along grey sand beaches with not a soul in sight!


  • Decent winter consistency

  • Warm water, friendly waves

  • Various left pointbreaks

  • Low crowd factor

  • Rastafari culture and music


  • Frequent onshore conditions

  • Poor roads on eastern side

  • Sometimes small & gutless

  • Kingston insecurity

  • Difficult access, some private coast

Surf Spots