About Guanacaste

Costa Rica is one of those rare destinations that has a choice of two coastlines influenced by two different oceans. The Caribbean side produces big wild waves during two short seasons, while the Pacific side gets pounded by medium sized swells all year long. With nearly a180° swell window, the northern province of Guanacaste is very consistent with long distance Pacific swells arriving from the north and south. The area around Tamarindo is best during the dry season when clean, offshore conditions, sunshine and easy access make it a veritable tropical paradise. This is the nicest time to travel but you certainly won't be alone. May-Oct is the testing wet season, but this is a surf-rich time, when perfect, SW groundswell, provides bigger waves. Costa Rica itself is a well-grounded place with political stability achieved without an army. It has good hospitals (in case of need) and you can drink the tap water almost everywhere. All these things are rare in Central America.


  • Consistent year round

  • Fun sized waves

  • Perfect waves for all standards

  • Rich in wildlife

  • Politically stable


  • Lack of size and lefts

  • Oppressively hot weather

  • Millions of insects

  • Tourist price inflation

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