About Gower-Halbinsel

The heartland of Welsh surfing has always been the Gower. The majority of Welsh surf history and personalities are all interwoven with this wave-packed area. From Broughton Bay to Langland lies an array of beaches, points and reefs of real quality. Llangennith is the consistent and busy open beach at the west end of the scenic peninsula and from Worms Head eastwards a string of reefs, points and secluded bays run back to the crowded, city surfing at Langland. With the exception of W facing 'Gennith and the Gower reefs, the spots are sheltered to some degree and, as with a lot of Wales' quality waves, need large autumnal/winter swells to fire. Winds from the N quadrant are offshore for the S Gower, E for the W facing areas. If the surf isn't cooperating (read summer) the Mumbles is renowned amongst Welsh surfers as the place to party.


  • Diversity of reefs and beaches

  • Many easy waves

  • Always offshore somewhere

  • Scenic and culturally rich area


  • Cold water and air

  • Tight swell window

  • Many in consistent spots

  • Windy

  • Always crowded

Surf Spots