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About Galicia - West

Galicia differs from its neighbours to the east in several ways. Although the coastal rock formations are not particularly good for surfing reefs, there are literally hundreds of beaches facing every different direction. Some of these can produce excellent waves, given the right conditions. Galicia has a wide swell window and one of the highest wave climates in Europe. Unlike Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country, swells from the W or even SW get in here no problem. However, despite the abundance of swell, most breaks only handle up to medium-sized waves. On the big days one looks for spots that face away from the main swell direction. There is so much open space in Galicia that crowds are not really a factor, even in summer. The only exceptions might be some of the beaches close to the cities of Ferrol and Coruña - Pantín or Doniños, for example. One factor that keeps down the number of visiting surfers is the temperature of the water. Strong upwelling and the proximity of the southward-flowing Canary Current keeps the water temperature cold throughout the year, particularly on the beaches around Cabo Fisterra and the Costa da Morte, necessitating a 4/3 steamer and boots, even in mid-August. This, combined with its high swell exposure, means that Galicia offers an excellent summer alternative to the much more crowded areas such as southwest France.


  • 180º swell window

  • Multiple swell/wind options

  • Beautiful countryside

  • Campervan friendly


  • Unstable climate

  • Lack of sunshine

  • No world class breaks

  • Cool water year round

  • Long drives and hard access

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