Dunedin Surfing

About Dunedin

Otago and Southland offer some of the most challenging and rewarding surf breaks to be found anywhere in the country. Swells can get huge and it's no wonder that the Rex Von Huben memorial Big Wave contest is held here, usually in October and attracting a hard-core of the country's best to celebrate the life of a legendary Dunedin local. Over the decades, Dunedin surfers have gained recognition as chargers and Papatowai is one of the premier tow-in breaks in New Zealand. North Otago spots are rare because good NE swells don't quite break often but when they do, those points like Murderers give wordclass surfing.


  • Plenty of swell action

  • Loads of long pointbreaks

  • Among NZ?s best beachbreaks

  • Uncrowded, full-on nature

  • Proximity to worldclass snowfields


  • Cold water, windy & wild

  • Farmland access, long hikes

  • Rare classic conditions on points

  • Long haul flights

Surf Spots