About Delaware

The Surf The coasts of Delaware and Maryland occupy a common peninsula that extends from the mouth of Delaware Bay to Chesapeake Bay. This is not the East Coast's most illustrious wave zone. Even so, Delaware is less consistent, has fewer breaks, and receives less swell than its southern neighbor. A swell-stifling shelf extends out from Delaware Bay, making the southern part of the coast the only decent surf option in the state. The Indian River Inlet attracts good waves on both sides, and the beachbreaks to the south are very similar to those found only 10 mi (16km) away in Maryland, where Ocean City has a concentrated stretch of short jetties along a heavily developed coast. Crowds swell in summer by 1000%, but the surf usually doesn't , so winter is the time to catch some hollow, punchy waves with the blue-lipped few. One way of escaping the bustle is to search the wild expanses of Assateague Island, where endless 4WD beachbreaks beckon.

Surf Spots