About Del Norte County

With the exception of Wilson Creek, none of the Del Norte (the 'e' in Norte is silent) coast is really accessible until you hit Crescent City, but there are some fine vistas from Highway 101 along the way. Wide open to wind and swell, miles of moody dune-backed beachbreak can be accessed through the towns of Fort Dick and Smith River. The hub of the county's surfing, however, is Crescent City, a true south-facing 'crescent.' As a result, South Beach is always a lot smaller and cleaner than surrounding spots, making it rather popular, especially during the persistent N winds of spring. Del Norte takes all swells, although S and SW are quite rare. Similar to Oregon, Del Norte is never flat, but the issue of access and actual number of legitimate surf spots is a tough one, not to mention frequently unfavorable winds and an often depressing, gray climate. Most of the swell comes from the NW, and since storms are relatively close offshore, conditions are frequently junky with swells accompanied with strong winds. Most of Del Norte's surf is beachbreak.

Surf Spots