About County Donegal

Further west lies the polar opposite, the frontier land of Donegal. This sparsely-populated, stunningly rugged area is the most spectacularly scenic part of Ireland and one of the few unspoilt areas left in Europe where exploration and solo surfs are possible. From Europe's highest sea cliffs at Slieve League in the southwest of the county, up through the dramatic Bloody Foreland and round to Malin Head in the north it's evident the full fury of the Atlantic has carved a deeply indented coastline. Countless headlands, bays and peninsulas hide many treasures: reefs, points and beaches abound. Finding somewhere small enough to surf is a common problem. Bloody Foreland, Magheroaty, Dunfanaghy, Gweebarra and Loughros Beg are some of the spots that are readily surfable. Access can be difficult due to the lack of roads and high cliffs but the potential is unlimited for the adventurous and there are several offshore islands awaiting exploration. April to November is a good time, although some protected spots need winter juice to work.

Surf Spots