Atacamawüste Surfing

About Atacamawüste

Since the Rip Curl Search WCT was held in Arica in 2007, the surf world has started to pay attention to Chile's 6435km (4020mi) long coastline, hunting for more consistent left pointbreaks and gnarly reefbreaks. Distances are so vast, Chile has a numerical naming system and this 'Norte Chico' zone straddles the regions of Atacama (Region 3) and Coquimbo (Region 4), relatively close to Chile's capital, Santiago. The stark, virtually rainless Atacama desert is divided by fertile river valleys and known for clear skies most of the year. Beyond Huasco to the north are some classic lefts at Porto Fino near Chañaral, or regular footers might fancy heading south of Totoralillo to Teniente, near Los Vilos, where some Superbank style rights can be ridden without the super-crowd.


  • Very consistent swells

  • Clean turquoise waters

  • Quality left & right points

  • Atacama desert beauty

  • Cultural & happening La Serena


  • Heavy waves

  • Cold water year-round

  • Some tricky spot access

  • Exposed to winds

  • Rocks and boulders

Surf Spots