About Andalusien

The surf in Andalucia is mainly centred on the coastline of ¨La Janda¨ in the province of Cadiz. Extensive, white sandy beaches face west out into the Atlantic, but Portugal's Cabo St Vincent creates a swell shadow, so deep low pressure systems on southerly trajectories are required to generate Andalusia's surf. These NW swells line up the best but there is potential for Antlantic hurricane swells and S to W swells from more local systems, although these are often accompanied by onshores. Andalucia is famous for windsurfing, thanks to the two gusty, generic wind directions - the winter levante from the east and the summer poniente from the west. These wind patterns occasionally shift, but the coastline has some very useful bends and twists, giving rise to clean waves on most winds. The surfing epicentre really starts in El Palmar and extends all the way down to Tarifa, where both the swell and the wind are strongest. Highlights include the cluster of Canos de Meca, a long left reefbreak, Hierbabuena, a good right and Barbate's rivermouth lefts. During the winter season a 3/2mm full wetsuit is ample warmth for most, plus optional booties.
With over 3000 hours of sunshine per year and relatively calm local weather systems the swells during the winter are usually well organised, powerful and perfect.

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