About Adelaide

Adelaide is South Australia's capitol city of 1 million plus people situated on the Adelaide plains, a flat, fertile corridor of land between Gulf St Vincent and the arc of the Mount Lofty Ranges. It's a quick drive to the closest surf spots but it's crowded and inconsistent because of a very narrow swell window. Yorke's Peninsula is a 4h drive west of Adelaide, and this crooked finger of rock presents some incredibly good waves at its tip, which is part of the Innes National Park. On a 40km (25mi) stretch, there are 15 known quality breaks, usually short and powerful reefbreaks down sheer cliffs. This amazing concentration of quality waves suit experienced surfers with no fear of air drops and Australia's dangerous wildlife like sharks and snakes. To top it off, Kangaroo Island is Australia's 3rd biggest island, measuring 150km (96mi) long, and featuring many remote and spooky surfspots, exposed to the full force of the swell coming out of the Great Southern Ocean.


  • Southern ocean swells

  • Wide variety of spots

  • Desert-like surroundings

  • Choice of coastlines

  • Rare crowd hassles


  • Cold ocean swells

  • mainly for experienced surfers

  • White pointers, bronze whalers

  • snakes, flies and bees

  • Potholes and rough roads

Surf Spots