Surfing in El Salvador

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Surfing in El Salvador

We could refer to El Salvador as “the land of perfect right hand rocky point breaks” since with only 200 km of coast line it has a very high quality density of surf spots, all of them rights. El Salvador is facing strictly south, that makes the geography proper to receive the south and southwest hemi ground swells producing a serie of consecutive breaks and a very consistant surf season (late february to december). El Salvador surf scene is divided into two distinct surf zones: La Libertad and the East Coast, or Oriente in spanish, both areas offer world class right hand pointbreaks.
La Libertad is the home of the most famous and world class point break called Punta Roca, Puntaroca, The Point or just La Punta, also El Sunzal, El Zonte, K59 & K61, La Bocana, Mizata.

The East or Oriente is the home of Las Flores and Puntamango, both worl class quality right hand point breaks, being Las Flores one of the few sand bottom rocky points.
This two are the most famous waves located at the East Coast but not the only ones, having a couple more already spotted and a couple more of the beating path.

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