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You may know me from MSW and the photos that I always put up for the surf reports and when we are getting the pumping swells or even the Anchor Point on Fire article i did during the main season here. I work in Morocco at a surf camp and more particularly Taghazout. MSW and I have come up with the idea of giving you a quick guide (dos and don’ts for surfing trips in Morocco).

Be aware that Morocco is a third world country - bits of it are really developed but go back a bit into the rural areas and poverty everywhere. Chuck in the fact that it is muslim and ladies you need to be aware that covering up is the way to go. To counter that in most of the beach/surf destinations they are pretty used to tourists so it is not a problem to pull the bikinis out!

Enjoying a mellow session! © 2014 Hassan Ingram

Medical kit is a bit of a must - just bring some immodiums (Moroccan guts are no fun) and some antisceptic spray or cream. I know I had to get the tweezers into action when I have ten sea urchins lodged in my foot, things happen on surf holidays and it is best to be a little bit prepared. Also, Morocco is a bit like France, the hospitals won’t treat you unless you have insurance. On the plus side pretty much everything is available over the counter in the pharmacies!

Places to go surfing - obviously Taghazout is the most famous because of the point breaks that are all within such a tiny strip of coastline (see below for the spot line-up).  But Safi has an incredible wave as do the towns of Mirleft and Sidi Ifni right down in the South. In the Summer lots of people head to the North for some waves as well.

Taghazout is the place to go because there are beach breaks, point breaks and reef breaks all within fifteen minutes drive, throw in the fact you have Anchor Point, Killer Point and Boilers at your doorstep you really can’t go wrong. The town really got its name on the map because of all the hippies coming through enjoying the mountain specialities, and the village of Taghazout has not yet lost its charm. Huge developments are going on all around the coast so this may change, but at the moment it is still the one street town.

Anchor Point (10 minute walk) (Right Hand Point Break Sand & Rock Bottom)
Panoramas (2 minute walk) (Right Hand Point Sandy Bottom with Beach Next to)
Killer Point (15 minute walk) (Right & Left Hand Point Sand & Rock Bottom)
Mysteries (12 Minute Walk) (Slab onto Sandy Bottom)
Hash Point (2 Minute Walk) (Small Point Sandy Bottom with Beach Next to)
Inside Anchors (5 Minute Walk) (Inside Point Right Hander Sandy Bottom)
K11 (9 Minute Drive) (Right & Left Slab onto Closeout Beach Break)
Banana Point (5 Minute Drive) (Right Hand Point Sandy Bottom Beginners Wave)
Devils Rock (3 Minute Drive) (Beach Break Sandy Bottom Beginners Wave)

Taghazout its self has the perfect set-up and if all else fails you can find some transport and head north or south for either more swell or more sheltered different facing spots.

Local Slab © 2014 Hassan Ingram

With accommodation you can find a number of places to stay from surf camps to hostels and apartments, you are looking at a price range of £10 and £200 a night for accommodation depending on the type of place you want to stay in, usually if you want to just turn up in Taghazout there are local guides standing around ready to help with anything needed though you need to be aware that sometimes they are only out to make a fool out of you with the cost of some places. Have a good look around the area - also if booking online, just check out the reviews of the place you are booking into. People write them for a reason (either good or bad).

Car hire is pretty simple and normally cheap, the insurance may not be the most comprehensive but if you don’t mind that and just want to get on the road a logan dacia with five seats is available for less than 30 euros a day if you bargain hard!

Surfers enjoy the lineup. © 2014 Hassan Ingram

If you are a decent surfer Taghazout and Morocco is an amazing place to visit, you can do it on a budget, pay a local guide virtually nothing to see the best spots and stay in fishermans apartments for 30 euros a night. If you are a beginner, book yourself into a surf camp, take the hit, learn the way to get around and avoid getting ripped off!

Hope this all helps a little!
Hassan Ingram
Surf Camp / Accommodation / Guide / Photographer

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