Kelly’s Pipe Friend

by on Friday 19th December, 2008   18304 Views

'Sting' polices the Pipe Masters ... Ray © 2014 Photos by Joli/WPS

What chance do mere mortals have against the great man-fish, Kelly Slater?

That’s a rhetorical question of course, because, right now, the answer is flat-out “none!”

Even the Hawaiian sea creatures are on his side, turning out to show their support, as seen in this shot by Peter Wilson, of a stingray cheering the World Champ on at the end of his winning ride in the Pipe Masters.

It’s all getting too weird…

Read whatever symbolism you want into this photo, but tikis, animism, and marine blessings are a big deal in Polynesia ... King Kelly © 2014 Photos by Joli/WPS

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