All-Stars Polling Results

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Without any further ado, here are the six surfers who will be joining Kelly, Mick, Andy and CJ in the WPS All Stars expression sessions within the Hurley US Open Of Surfing.
1. Bruce Irons
2. Dane Reynolds
3. Rob Machado
4. Taj Burrow
5. Jordy Smith
6. Yadin Nicol

ROCK THE VOTE: After a pretty sluggish first couple of days, the voting went hog wild with all sorts of tactics being employed ...

DON’T ROCK THE VOTE BABY: There are reports of companies and magazines sending out single circulars to up to 30 000 surf fans they have on their databases, reminding them to vote for certain surfers and nationalities ...

DON’T TIP THE VOTE OVER: Surfers’ have been facebooking the hell out of it, managers have been pulling favours from anyone with access to a computer, beer companies are placing ads on websites demanding the public vote for their sponsored surfers ...

OUR LOVE IS LIKE A SHIP ON THE OCEAN: Flag-waving Brazilians have gotten behind Heitor Alves en-masse ...

WE’VE BEEN SAILING WITH A CARGO FULL OF LOVE AND DEVOTION: And the entire Basque country, did their darndest to try and get their man Aritz over the line.


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