The Big Numbers from the European Swell

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A perfect satellite arc right through the centre of the system returned sea heights of 50ft. © 2014 magicseaweed.com

The big numbers from the European swell which exceeded 50ft on the observed satellite pass, and of course a few pictures including a monstrous slab off Galicia and perfection in Thurso East. Our thoughts go out to Maya Gabeira injured at Nazare.

50ft sea state recorded at the centre of the storm.

170,000 km^2 area of swell in the Atlantic Ocean.

44ft Maximum swell height reported by M4 buoy just outside Mullaghmore in Western Ireland midday on Sunday 27th.

30ft Maximum swell height recorded off Perranporth in Cornwall midday on Sunday 27th.

35ft at Leixões buoy off Northern Portugal at 23:40 on Sunday 27th.

27ft   significant (average) height in Galicia at the peak of the swell at midnight on Sunday 27th.

18  second maximum period off Galicia at midnight on Sunday 27th.

32ft swell max at Anglet, France at 10am on Monday 28th.

50ft+ waves surfed off Nazare on Monday 28th.

1 resuscitation of Maya Gabeira at Nazare on Monday 28th after a huge wipeout. “Maya Gabeira is hospitalised and is stable” according to Zon North Canyon. Our thoughts go out to her and we wish her a speedy recovery.


Andrew Cotton on a typically monumental Nazare peak, the wave of the day they were calling it. © 2014 Bruno Aleixo

The Jet Galicia team found exactly what they were looking for in Northern Spain yesterday. © 2014 Oti Fernandez

Thurso East on the fringe of perfection on Sunday.

Best regards from a Sunday in Portugal on the forerunners of swell with Nic von Rupp, Miguel Flores and Tó Mané. © 2014 Vasco Lazaro/Photographyhunters

Lines to the horizon at Salinas y Espartal © 2014 Nuno Potes

In the UK there were occasional hidden pockets... © 2014 Joe Tinsley Hewson

And what do we have on the horizon? A whole week of pumping waves before another weekend swell which is forecast to hit Mully next weekend at 27ft at 15 seconds and 15ft at 12 seconds in Hossegor.

*Sessions from this swell are eligible to enter The Winter Session. To enter send your edit via wetransfer.com to: winter@magicseaweed.com and we’ll do the rest.

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