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New! Editorial Intern

We are looking for an Editorial Intern. Someone who wants to be a surf journalist and content manager in the online world.

The place to start is with an editorial internship is magicseaweed.com, we the most widely used global surf forecast and give you the opportunity to present your work to millions of readers. You must be keen with good surfing knowledge, know how to write and be ken to get involved. It is based in the Kingsbridge office.

Applications are for summer position but there are further opportunities for career progression.

Part of the task we have set ourselves is not only to tell people when it will be pumping, but also to curate the surfing experience, to spread the science behind the creation of swells, document sessions, and tell the stories of people who chase waves and dedicate their lives to documenting waves.

We are looking for someone willing to engage in the hard work behind the scenes. We're seeking the person, not necessarily the qualifications. You would be joining a small team based in Kingsbridge, South Devon (in the UK). You will play a key role in creating features, curating and building the site and social audience, conducting interviews etc.

Please send CV and covering letter to: careers@magicseaweed.com


  • Push editorial to 1.5 million people daily.
  • Work for one of the best websites in the world.
  • Trade price surf/skate/snow clothing and hardware. Sometimes it is even free.
  • Access to a warehouse of demo boards and wetsuits.
  • Surfing flexi-time.
  • Tickets and invites to events and parties.
  • All relevant expenses

Please send CV's to careers@magicseaweed.com.

*You don't need to be surfer to work for us. We design and build a web application, not laze around at the beach. Although if you have an interest in it or another action sport of a similar nature you may receive a high 5 so definitely mention it.

Current Job Opportunities

New! Editorial Intern

Kingsbridge, United Kingdom


Kingsbridge, United Kingdom

“I love to surf and I love to code, developing software at Magicseaweed is like no other job in the world.”

Gavin Cooper, Software Engineer

“You're able to influence how the most popular world wide surf forecast is developed.”

Adam Primmer, Graphic Designer