17 Apr 12:33


Ferg's Quiver, Episode 5 of Growing

Ferg talks about his eclectic quiver of surfboards before putting them through their paces in some of the best waves the North Atlantic has to offer


17 Apr 11:51


Dusty Payne in Mexico, Happy Not to be on Tour

Sandy barrels beat the grind hands-down but the heartbeat of competition never stops pulsing.


17 Apr 09:41



Bottle Says, Confidence is Key at Bells

With two events already down the “Dream Tour” is well underway for 2014.

Photo of the Day

16 Apr 05:12
Paul Bastock

Paul Bastock's photo of G-Land got picked for photo of the day.

G-Land during the Padang Cup 2011 (solid 10ft). 20-20's was well overhead this day too and barreling mechanically for over 200m. Me and 2 friends had 20-20's all to ourselves all day and could watch the sets coming in from Kongs, through Money Trees and Speedies...thundering through Chickens and eventually churning perfect barrels at 20-20's. When we saw The Bombie breaking it was time to start scratching for the horizon :D

Photo of the Day

15 Apr 08:08
Pat Blades

Pat Blades's photo of Thorli (Porlackshöfn) got picked for photo of the day.

Video des Tages

15 Apr 10:57

Trouble in Paradise

My intention is to give a digital voice to the obvious and resonating protest in Mentawai.

Photo of the Day

15 Apr 01:41

ManoaToursSamoa's photo of Salailua got picked for photo of the day.

early morning perfection @ the left #southcoast #upolu #samoa #lefts #barrels #perfection


17 Apr 12:26


Kepa Acero at Approaching Lines

Internationally renowned filmmaker Kepa Acero comes to Cornwall to host a very special event as part of the Approaching Lines Festival.

Worldwide Top Shots

17 Apr 10:00

Video des Tages

17 Apr 08:28

This and Nothing Else: Peter Conroy

A Dublin fire fighter and his obsession with Ireland’s biggest and deadliest wave.

Video des Tages

16 Apr 01:04

Return of the East Coast Kegs

Does your East Coast look like this?


15 Apr 01:37



5 Yoga Poses Every Surfer Should Know

An introduction to yoga for surfing – the top 5 poses we think every surfer should learn to help rebalance the surfing body


15 Apr 10:11



Jack Coleman’s Groovy World

Jack inhabits a world where a compact format from a long gone analogue age rules supreme.

Video des Tages

14 Apr 03:24

State Rd. with Damien Hobgood

A tight little edit of California road tripping. Good news for us surf fans.

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