Washington Surf Reports und Surf Forecasts

Washington Surf Reports und Surf Forecasts

About Washington

Washington's coastline is exposed to all that the prolific North Pacific swell generator can throw at it. Combined with a limited continental shelf the state should by rights be a cold water Mecca. However despite being surfed since the late 1950s the community here remains relatively small, limited in part by access to the limited number of good surf spots through private property. The summer can be inconsistent, moving into an extremely active winter during which water temperatures drop from 12°C/54°F to 7°C/45°F. The exposed coastline offers limited protection during winter's dominant southerly winds and summers north-westerlies. Surfing is centred around Westport due to its more easterly aspect and also Cape Flattery in the North. Beach breaks dominate with the occasional point and reef.

Washington Surf Areas
13 Jul 11:26 Westport

wasurfer posted a photo of Westport.

Saturday night and no date... poor wave

Saturday night and no date... poor wave

24 Jun 12:56 Ocean Shores
Sonja Clark

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Ocean Shores

21 Apr 02:10 Westport
Garson Shortt

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Westport Groins Garson Shortt Photography