Maluku Islands Surf Reports and Surf Forecasts

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Conditions Summary
 Atoll Reefs
0ft 0secs 0° 8mph S - Offshore - 187°
 Coconut Swing
0.5ft 13secs 65° 12mph S - Offshore - 189°
 Double Dome
0ft 0secs 0° 8mph S - Offshore - 187°
0ft 0secs 0° 8mph S - Offshore - 187°
 Indo Jiwa
1ft 13secs 65° 9mph S - Offshore - 179°
 Pulau Kecil
1ft 13secs 65° 9mph S - Offshore - 179°
 Racing Lefts
0ft 0secs 0° 8mph S - Offshore - 187°
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Historically known as the Spice Islands the Maluku chain don't benefit from the exposure to Southern Ocean swells responsible for the rest of Indonesia's reputation for consistent world class swell. However remote discoveries continue to be made and a great many uncharted spots exist fed with seasonal NW swells that contribute to the Philippines reputation as a surfing destination.
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Local News
News Image Bodyboarding Goes Mutant
GRAN Canaria's mutant El Fronton pays host to an all-star invitational bodyboarding contest needing only one twisted day.
News Image Tim Boal Clinches Pro Title
TIM Boal wins Islas Canarias Ocean & Earth Pro over rookie Jesse Mendes in a closely fought out 35-minute final.
News Image Lay Day Called At El Confital
OCEAN & Earth Pro prepares for huge ground swell after calling a second lay day due to inconsistent conditions.
News Image Quarter-Finalists Decided
ISLAS Canarias Ocean & Earth Pro steps into top gear with quarter-finalists being decided at El Confital.
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